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We are pleased to report that OrSEA was victorious once again after the Oregon Supreme Court denied review of the case on June 1st.

As a backgrounder on the issue, the Oregon Court of Appeals issued a February 1 opinion invalidating OAR 800-020-0015(5), the administrative rule promulgated by the Oregon State Board of Tax Practitioners. The court invalidated the rule on the grounds that the rule contravened ORS 673.637(2), a statutory law which exempts enrolled agents from the tax preparer or tax consultant state licensing, education and work experience requirement established through ORS 673.625. The court held that the Board exceeded its statutory authority in implementing this administrative rule since the legislature had not granted the Board this authority.
In response to this ruling, the Board filed a petition requesting for the Oregon Supreme Court to review the case on the grounds that the Board’s original decision to implement the administrative rule was sound public policy. OrSEA quickly responded with their own petition to uphold the Court of Appeals ruling and to deny review of the case.

Oregon’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights

By Kent Anderson & Dominic Paris

As a means of closing the state’s $1.1 billion tax gap, the Oregon Department of Revenue has some very powerful tools at its disposal to collect unpaid taxes. Once the Department has issued a Distraint Warrant, it may collect a tax liability through a wage or bank account garnishment without further notice to the taxpayer or the taxpayer’s authorized representative. In sharp contrast to IRS procedures, the Department of Revenue is under no obligation to stay collections when a taxpayer submits a settlement offer or a payment agreement request. It is not uncommon for a taxpayer to discover that the Department has suddenly garnished a bank account or wages, even though the taxpayer had been making every effort to cooperate with the Department to resolve the tax debt. Taxpayers who suffer a financial hardship as a result of these practices have little or no recourse.

When collectors are confronted by tax professionals representing clients with a balance due, they may well deny the taxpayer has any rights.  In fact, that is not the case.  The Oregon legislature has granted taxpayers very important rights that can be asserted in dealing with oppressive collection tactics.  In order to enforce these rights, taxpayers and their representatives must be aware of them.

Oregon’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBOR), was enacted in 1989 and closely follows the federal Omnibus Taxpayer Bill of Rights, originally enacted by Congress in 1988. While the federal legislation has repeatedly been enhanced to accord greater taxpayer protection, the Oregon TBOR has undergone few revisions since its enactment, and there has been very little judicial interpretation. There are no regulations and few administrative materials to offer guidance.


A Proposed Bill


  • Expands  taxpayer  bill  of  rights.  Lowers  limits  on  interest  allowed  on  tax deficiencies.
  • Applies  to  tax  years  beginning  on  or  after  January  1,  2018.
  • Provides for cancellation, after 20 years, of uncollected tax debt, penalties and interest.
  • Establishes  Office  of  Taxpayer  Advocate  and  Office of Independent Ad-
  • Administrative  Review  in  Department  of  Revenue.
  • Establishes  functions,  powers  and  duties  of  offices.
  • Appropriates  moneys  from  General  Fund  to  Department  of  Revenue  for purposes  of  offices.
  • Takes  effect  on  91st  day  following  adjournment  sine  die.

Attached it the first draft of a Proposed Law    DRAFT 2017_ Regular_Session Bill.

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